Sarah Cawood Gunged 3 times on TV – Part 1

Sarah Cawood was a TV personality and presenter in the mid to late 90’s who was around in the full on Brit Pop and ladette cultured era, for example she presented The Girlie Show with Sara Cox which was an edgy post pub late night channel 4 TV programme.  Before this Sarah had done some presenting on Nickelodeon and Channel 5’s music quiz show Night Fever.  In 2000 Sarah got her big break, BBC Saturday morning TV and luckly for us, the BBC tried to bring back a tried and tested method to entice viewers (well we like it anyway) gunge.  It was here and inevitable that at some point one or all the presenters or guests would get gunged, Sarah got gunged twice on Live and Kicking, the first though was a bit tame and she only got a small amount of the gunge as unexpectedly, on a day called Gunge Day, Sarah was scopped up by Ben from A1 and sat on Katy Hill and Trey’s lap.  But a gunging is a gunging in my eyes and with a bit of waiting, the gunge world got their wish.  See below Sarah’s first taste of a good gunging on TV.

The second time Sarah was gunged was when she was playing The leakiest Sink, a gunge parody of the weakest link and played the evil Anne Robinson character.  In this she would act and throw her weight around and torment and punish children, whilst they were trying to win prizes.  The contestants would then face the gunge and celebs would pull imaginary plugs and one would release the gunge.  After a number of episodes Sarah was locked in the gunge, and you can see her annoyance (I don’t know if this was a set up), but she then throws her boots out of the tank, while Otis pulls all the plugs and releases the mechanism and she gets gunged, which can be seen below

In Part 2 we will see when Sarah got gunged on Holly and Stephen’s Saturday Showdown


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