Heather Suttie Gunged on Live and Kicking

Let me paint the scene its Saturday Morning TV, in a studio packed as this is the last time the iconic BBC TV show will ever be on air axed after a run for many years.  Producers running out of ideas have introduced gunge into the show to try and attract viewers and this still hasn’t captured the audience to persuade bosses to keep the show, numerous fans turning for a more newer and bolder idea on CITV called SMTV Live with Ant and Dec and Cat Deeley, all leading the way.  The guests are becoming Big Brother reality TV rejects and virtually unknown sports stars and pop bands, the band of the moment is called Hearsay and so far 2 members have been gunged and the other not seeming willing to agree.  Also you took over from katy Hill, who had done Blue Peter and over the course of a year all the other presenters have been gunged doing various things on the show yet it seems one has got away with it and have hosted the segment called Stop the Snot and your about to host the final ever episode, it is Heather Suttie, and unknown to her her time to stay clean is about to come to an end.

Now you are familiar with the set up and scene here is what happens on the final ever episode of Stop the Snot.  Heather walks on and introduces the final segment of the show and explains the rule to the kid, when Tray and Otis head over with all the prizes and offers them to the kid.  Heather is looking on and unknown to her is next being whisked off her feet and being di miked and put in the gungetank, the victim going free.  Tray and Otis torment Heather by explaining the rules of the show, she knows the spiel as she has done so for many weeks previous.  The basic rules were you had to go 60 seconds without saying yes or no, if you said either then you got gunged.    Heather’s first question of being asked is are you ready? to which she replies as yes.  Instantly knowing what she has done, Heather has a quick brace before the torrent of gunge begins to fall all over her, and she gets a well and truly well deserved covering.

Here is the link to the video, of the gunging which I’m sure you will agree is worth watching


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